Rangi Ruru Girls' School

Octa provided full project management services to Rangi Ruru Girls’ School to replace and repair quake-affected buildings.  The Science Block was the first of four main new builds and set the precedent for pricing, design and consenting processes of the subsequent builds.

Despite the following significant challenges, the project was completed on time in October 2013.

  • The ground conditions were poor – hence the failure of the original buildings – and a large contingency was required to address in-ground works
  • Large foundations were required to satisfy the increased seismic design requirements, and this meant a significant increase in cost and time
  • Consenting was slow, compounded by increased EQ demands.  But with design on fast-track, a four-staged consenting process enabled construction to continue.

Project Name

Rangi Ruru Girls' School


Rangi Ruru Girls' School