Dunedin Chinese Garden

Octa began by assisting the Dunedin City Council with the visioning and strategy for realising the dream of constructing an authentic Chinese Garden.  Octa managed the relationship and coordination with the Shanghai Museum and later the design and construction with the Shanghai Construction and Decoration Company. 

In New Zealand, Octa’s role included integration of funding and encompassed full project management functions including the resource and building consent processes and NZ Historic Places archaeological investigation.

Design and Build of an Authentic Chinese Garden, pre-fabricated in Shanghai, China, disassembled and shipped to Dunedin NZ.  Built in Dunedin by Chinese artisans using authentic Chinese building methods and materials.  NZ content included construction of the pond, building foundation and services on the 3000m² site.


ARCHITECT: Shanghai Construction & Decorating Company, Department of Architecture, Shanghai, Jia Tong University, Shanghai Museum.

Project Name

Dunedin Chinese Garden


Dunedin City Council