Clayton Park Primary School Redevelopment

Originally built in 1978 with flat roofs, the permanent buildings in the entire school had become degraded due to weathertight issues and end of life building cycle. Clayton Park will have all pre-2011 buildings replaced onsite with provision for growth also included.

The project involves the construction of 19 teaching studio spaces, library, staff room and resource spaces across two buildings. The total build area is approximately 2800 sq m gross. A staged delivery will enable the School to remain operational throughout the build.

Octa was appointed Project Manager during the pre-funding approval stage, with the project team consisting of BQH Quantity Surveyors and Brewer Davidson Architects along with their novated subconsultants.  Key dates for the project:

  • Separable Portion 1 (2 storey, 12 classroom building) completed 28 August 2018

  • Construction of Separable Portion 2 (2 storey 7 classrooms, with staff, library and music recording spaces) and Separable Portion 3 (external landscaping works) was completed on schedule late August 2019.

The design of the new Clayton Park School incorporates many sustainable features and practices which ensure the buildings are a series of multi-use, loose fit-long life buildings capable of adapting to future learning and community requirements.

The grouping of the buildings allows for future expansion on the site without compromising the proposed or existing buildings. This includes building shapes which promote natural cross-flow ventilation. In addition, the building form allows an abundance of natural light and extensive views which are also proven to increase learning skills.

Good insulation and double-glazed windows ensure a warm and low energy internal environment is maintained. Where possible, the buildings will be completed using a variety of robust and well proven light-weight, low embodied energy, low maintenance materials.

A host of other environmental initiatives including low energy LED or T5 light fittings, low VOC paints and coatings, carpets, low flush WCs and taps have been specified.

Project Name

Clayton Park Primary School Redevelopment


Ministry of Education