Burwood Landfill Gas to QEII Park

Octa was seconded into Christchurch City Council to project manage the design and construction of this energy project. Octa’s strategy involved the co-ordination of 12 separate technical packages to achieve the specific requirements necessary.

This project was made possible by the Government’s “Projects to Reduce Emissions Programme” and is an example of Christchurch City Council’s commitment to sustainable solutions. The project was ‘highly commended’ in the Renewable Energy category at the EECA Energy-wise Awards 2007.
Burwood Landfill contains organic matter that breaks down resulting in methane emissions into the air. Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas with 21 times more impact on climate change than carbon dioxide. This project captures and destroys the methane by beneficially using it to heat and power the swimming pools at QEII Park, the site of the 1974 Commonwealth Games, for at least the next 20 years.

Each year the Burwood Landfill gas replaces 1.5 million litres of LPG (fossil fuel) used to heat the swimming pools, saving the Council in excess of $1.0M each year in LPG and electricity.  The 200,000 Emission Reduction Units purchased by British Gas are worth over $3 million to the Council and help British Gas meet its commitments under the European Carbon Trading Scheme. This income, combined with cost savings, achieved a rapid four-year payback on this $4.2 million capital project.

Project Name

Burwood Landfill Gas to QEII Park