BE (Civil), PMP


Tim has been Owner’s Project Manager for a diverse range of projects ranging from $0.5 to $15 million, And since 2011 has been managing the Christchurch Waste Water Treatment Plant EQ Repair and Capital Programme ($69M EQ and $10M/year Capex).

Tim’s Project Management career started in 1976 as a site engineer for The Fletcher Construction Company.  After a range of construction management assignments in NZ, Middle East and South East Asia Tim joined Octa in 1984.

Tim’s current secondment into Christchurch City Council’s Three Waters group, started at the end of 2006 with a three year contract to implement the Councils Waste Management Plan (WMP). On completion of the WMP, Tim managed the negotiation of a new term services contract for the planned and reactive maintenance of the city’s water and wastewater network and also assisted the CCC take over the running of the MRF and transfer stations when the Company running the facilities failed due to the lower volumes of waste going through the transfer stations as a result of the new collection system.

After the September earthquake, Tim started to manage the replacement of two wastewater pump stations, one water pump station. All three of these projects were abandoned after the February earthquake and his current role started.