Octa provides project consulting services across all levels of a project organisation. This is fundamental to our approach because as an independent adviser, we are able to provide our clients with impartial and objective advice. A testament to this is that over 80% of our workload is repeat business from our existing client base.

We are most often engaged as the skilled advocate of the project owner, providing the resources and specialist expertise necessary to effectively manage all aspects of project delivery. We are able to provide comprehensive and proven project management systems to effectively manage projects from the business case to final completion.

At Octa, we are continually expanding our services. In line with international trends, project management is now being applied to all areas of commerce and business. With more than 45 years' experience, Octa is well suited to apply our systems to many areas outside of the traditional capital projects. Consequently, we are able to effectively manage small scale as well as large commercial, public, environmental, industrial, healthcare, utility and technology projects.



Octa Associates Ltd was incorporated on 28 September 1973 as a result of eight students about to complete post graduate diplomas in Business Administration at Canterbury University, and researching various business opportunities. They decided to set up a "real" company, and when Radio Avon went to air that same year, the eight students were chosen to provide radio audience research.  The leading edge techniques developed by the group made a very real contribution to the station obtaining an unprecedented 50% of the radio audience.

The company continued after the academic year with a one year contract with Radio Avon. William Cockerill and Selwyn Bankier, who remain Directors of Octa to this day, abandoned other aspirations to make this new company work.  William had a first class honours degree in Civil Engineering and was particularly interested in construction management. 

William invited the late Professor Frank P S Lu, to become Chairman of the Board.  Frank Lu had introduced the critical path method of construction management into New Zealand in 1965.  William thought that rather than the “white collar”/academic approach to teaching and applying cpm there was a job for someone to do, and through this New Zealand’s first professional project management company emerged.



Telarc Registration ISO 9001

Octa maintains certification for a Quality Assurance System that complies with AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015.

Our quality management procedures mean that Octa Associates' project outputs, actions, information and advice, are of a consistent high standard to enable our clients and other project team members to confidently make decisions that are aligned to the success of the Project.

Octa’s procedures are regularly audited by Telarc NZ, with our Telarc's
registered supplier reference number being 1207.