Old St Paul's

Octa was engaged in August 2018 to project manage the seismic strengthening and upgrades of the iconic Cathedral in Wellington to ensure its long-term survival and enhance resilience to future earthquake activity.  Detailed seismic assessment had begun in late 2015 with further investigations following the Kaikoura earthquake, resulting in the installation of temporary strapping to contain structural movement, and detailed geotechnical investigations.

The scope of work entails three separate work packages:

  • Seismic Upgrade: install bracing in the sub-floor, construct a new ring foundation under the tower, upgrade main structural connections, install above-ground wall bracing, gently straighten the building.

  • Building Consents and Life Safety Items: replace 50-year old sprinkler system, replace fire detection system, install emergency and exit lighting, renew non-compliant cabling.

  • Further Upgrade works (depending on budget): maintenance issues such as damage and weather-proofing, lighting upgrades, surveillance and security systems, heating and ventilation.

Prior to construction commencing, items will either be removed and stored or covered for protection.  Stained glass windows will be removed, and internal scaffolding erected.  Once work is completed, scheduled for October 2019, the church will be deep cleaned.

Stakeholder support and engagement is a vital aspect of this project and Octa meets regularly with the Friends of Old St Paul’s and NZ Heritage who are jointly funding the project.

HNZPT is championing trade skills and best practice heritage management with the wider community and is keen to be a recognised leader in these transformative technologies.

Project Name

Old St Paul's


Heritage New Zealand